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ISTA Andreevna Ltd



Hylow Project Partner



ISTA Andreevna Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria (ISTA)


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ISTA Andreeva Ltd. is ISO 9001:2000 certified by Bureau Veritas Certification with date of approval July 10, 2006 and the following scope of supply: Consulting activities, construction and engineering, project management in the field of civil, industrial and hydrotechnical construction, sewerage and water supply systems for civil and industrial facilities, roads and road constructions, technical water supply systems for industrial and power objects, energy saving technologies, management of water resources and production of electricity from renewable sources.

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tasks in Hylow
  • detail design for LSM HPM (WP 4)
  • Construction of LSM HPM (WP 4)
  • Development of power take-off and measurment system, development of economical manufacturing process (WP 4)
  • Commissioning and grid connection (WP 4)
contact person 1 for the Hylow Project

Svetlana Andreeva

contact person 2 for the Hylow Project Dipl. Eng. Ivan Andreev

contact person 3 for the Hylow Project

Dipl. Eng. Aleksandar Dimitrov  
contact person 4 for the Hylow Project Dipl. Eng. Rumen Radev

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contact details

Svetlana Andreeva

Rezbarska Str. 7 / 6 fl.

1510 Sofia, Bulgaria

tel.: +359 2 8472060

fax: +359 2 8452165


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