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Horst Ruhnke Stahlbau



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Horst Ruhnke Stahlbau (Mech. Engineering manufacturer) (RUSTA)



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Stahlbau Ruhnke GmbH is a mechanical engineering company with registered office near the seaport of Wismar/Northern Germany. The company has 18 permanent employees working in production and installation and can therefore be termed an SME. Since 1994 the name Stahlbau Ruhnke is a synonym for quality, precision and individual solutions for long-term customers from Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

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tasks in Hylow
  • Detailed design and production of FSEC (WP 6)
  • Development of equipment for power take off and power dissipation (WP 6)
  • Development and testing of novel gearing system (cylindrical lantern gear) in co-operation with Partners 9 and 10 (WP 4 and 5)
  • Changes  and repairs required after first test deployment FSEC (WP 6)
  • Decommission and recycling of FSEC (WP 6)

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Horst Ruhnke  

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Horst Ruhnke


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