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Instituto Superior Técnico / CEHIDRO



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Instituto Superior Técnico IST/CEHIDRO, LISBOA (Portugal)


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Instituto Superior Técnico, IST (, belongs to the Technical University of Lisbon. The mission of IST is to contribute to the development of society by promoting a higher education of outstanding quality in the areas of Engineering, Science & Technology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and the Research & Development activities essential to ensure the highest standard of education. With a faculty of nearly 1,000 Lecturers, in 1997 IST provided 16 undergraduate programmes (5 -years degree) to about 8,250 students, 22 master programmes to about 1,000 students. In addition, a range of research & development (R&D) activities, mainly under European contracts, have been performed in recent years.

CEHIDRO - Centro de Estudos de Hidrossistemas ( - is a research Centre of IST devoted to basic and applied research on the areas of hydraulics, water resources and environment. The activities of the CEHIDRO are directed towards several objectives and needs with relevant importance for the society: [1] hydraulic and hydrologic security; [2] support to the design and management of hydrosystems; [3] water resources and society challenges; [4] hydraulics and water resources for an improved environmental quality. 

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tasks in Hylow
  • Development of a micro turbine / HPE for low differential pressures in water supply systems (WP 7)
  • Deployment and monitoring of a large scale model in the field (WP 7)
  • Identification of a suitable deployment site (WP 8)
  • Viability analysis (WP 8)

contact person 1 for the Hylow Project

Helena Margarida Ramos  Helena Ramos

contact person 2 for the Hylow Project

Dídia Covas  Didia Covas

relevant publication

  • RAMOS, H.; BORGA, A. (2000a) – Pump as Turbines: an Unconventional Solution to Energy Production. Journal URBWAT, Vol. 1, N.º 3, pp. 261-265
  • RAMOS, H. and ALMEIDA, A. B. – Dynamic Orifice Model on Waterhammer Analysis of High and Medium Heads of Small Hydropower Schemes. Journal of Hydraulic Research. International Journal
contact detail

Helena Margarida Ramos

Professor - Ph.D. - MSc.

Av. Rovisco Pais
1049-001  Lisboa


Tel.: +351 (21) 841 81 58

Fax.: +351 (21) 8418150


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